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DWI And Criminal Charges

Capable Defense Against DWI And Other Charges

Drinking and driving charges are quite common in New York. A charge can have serious consequences for your ability to drive and potentially your freedom. The (NAP NAME1) combats DWI charges throughout New York state with creative, practical solutions grounded in criminal law.

Attorney Mary Jane Murphy has practiced law since 2000. She is highly experienced in defense against driving while impaired (DWI) and driving while ability impaired (DWAI) charges, and she has resolved thousands of cases with reduced or eliminated penalties. Besides DWI and DWAI, Ms. Murphy can defend you against:

  • Driving while impaired on a controlled substance such as marijuana or a prescription medication
  • Aggravated unlicensed operation and other traffic offenses
  • Drug crimes, such as possession and trafficking
  • Theft crimes

New York DWI/DWAI Law

New York law defines DWI as driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher. However, the law considers someone with a BAC of .05 to .07 to be impaired. Driving with a BAC at this level is DWAI, which carries a mandatory 90-day driver’s license suspension and a possible jail sentence of up to 15 days.

A standard DWI conviction can be even harsher. Besides potential jail time, penalties include an automatic six-month license suspension for a first offense. To get your license back, you may have to pay for an ignition interlock device to be installed in your vehicle.

Proven Criminal Defense Solutions

Having defended thousands of clients against DWI/DWAI and other criminal charges, (NAP NAME3), will investigate the claims against you and develop a sound legal strategy based on her impressive depth of experience. She will give you her honest opinion on how to proceed and listen carefully to your stated preferences. Your rights and best interests will be her top priority.

Contact the (NAP NAME1) in Binghamton right away to schedule a consultation with Ms. Murphy and begin your legal defense. Call (NAP PHONE1) or contact the firm online.