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Divorces, even uncontested, are rarely simple. From property division to ensuring that the divorce agreement is properly adhered to, you need the right legal guidance in this process. The Law Office of Mary Jane Murphy offers the services of a Broome County and Tioga County matrimonial attorney who can help guide you through the divorce and separation process.

Divorce Services From A Matrimonial Attorney In Broome County And Tioga County

In a contested divorce, complex issues or high net worth make it critical that you have legal guidance. These cases often must go to court to be resolved satisfactorily, and Mary Jane Murphy, Esq., is ready to help you work through these issues and the resulting court process, offering the services of a seasoned divorce attorney.

In an uncontested divorce, the disputes may not be quite as serious, but they still require legal guidance. Mary Jane Murphy, Esq., can help you come to the right decisions as you divide property and work out child custody arrangements, so that you are able to protect your best interests. Even if the case does not go to court, you still need legal guidance to handle it properly.

After divorce, the firm will assist with post-divorce enforcement. If your divorce does not end the dispute between you and your ex or if you face support problems in the future, Mary Jane Murphy, Esq., can help you understand your rights and what you can do to ensure that the divorce agreement is followed.

Considering The Option Of Legal Separation

If you have come to the point in your marriage where you know you cannot live together amicably anymore, but perhaps aren’t ready to pursue a full divorce, you may wish to consider legal separation. If you think this is the right move for your marital concerns, talking to a matrimonial attorney in Broome County and Tioga County is critical. Mary Jane Murphy, Esq., has helped other clients weigh the pros and cons of legal separation, and she can help you decide if this is the right path for your needs.

No matter what the marital concern may be, if you are considering divorce or separation, contact the Law Office of Mary Jane Murphy today for the guidance of a matrimonial attorney. We represent clients throughout New York State, including the following counties: Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Tompkins, Madison, Delaware, Tioga, Steuben and Sullivan.